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A good start into your sailing adventure

Yachting.edu.pl is a professional multilevel system of courses operating on the basis of the Australia program of sailing education. For you we have created a simple and pleasant way of learning how to sail. We have 10 years of experience in providing sailing courses for children and young people gained in the country, as well as abroad. Thus, we perfectly know how to divide content and adjust the intensity of classes in order to pass a maximum amount of knowledge in a short time.


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We believe that a course can be an adventure. We provide unforgettable experiances so that you could use the knowledge gained during a sailing course throughout your entire life. Our goal is teaching through practice, hence we maximize the amount of time spent on the water, and the best  sailing trainers and instructors will take care of you. Do you want to know why sailing is a sport for unique people? Join us and feel the power that you will experience through Yachting.edu.pl.


Our unique system of courses is divided into six independent levels. As a result, each part is easy to learn and remember. Immediately after signing up for a course you will receive a LOGBOOK (a record book of your activities), as well as educational materials which will help you prepare better for a given part of the course. If you want to expand the knowledge you already possess we can offer you a variety of additional training courses


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Our Successes

Yachting.edu.pl is a combination of passion, engagement and love for sport confirmed by numerous successes of our competitors and trainers. The author of the idea and the founder of the system of courses is Jacek Turczynowicz, a catamaran Polish Champion, a trainer of numerous medal winners of the National Championship, a Team Leader of the national team of the Optimist class, a superviser of the Autralian Blind Sailing Team on the World Championships in New Zealand, and a certified trainer of Yachting Australia as well as a skipper of Yachtmaster Offshore (RYA).

„For the last four years in Poland, I have tested and introduced a training thought derived from the best specialists in the world. I have developed my training skills mainly on the Australian and British waters. I have always tried to pass the knowledge I have aquired in the best possible manner. Through this platform, I would like you to gain experience and fall in love with this sport” – Jacek, a trainer.

szkolenia żeglarskie dla dzieci


Yachting.edu.pl 100% satisfaction!

  • “Knowledge for sailing novices is passed in a simple, clear, and, most of all, efficient way. Kids have a lot of fun during classes conducted by a wonderful trainer. Parents take huge pride and satisfaction in the experience.”